TECHNOFI focuses on value chains where innovations are constrained or favoured by regulations

TECHNOFI helps you raising the appropriate funds to finance your innovation investments

TECHNOFI leans on four types of tools supporting innovation processes

TECHNOFI has managed hundreds of strategic changes for companies, professional organizations and private and public innovation consortia

TECHNOFI supports your organisation along the whole innovation path



Public Consultation on the Specifications of the most adequate options for flexibility markets and RES support schemes to be studied in a cross-border context

TECHNOFI and its partners in Market4RES are pleased to invite stakeholders of the electricity value chain to comment on the... Read More


INNEON secures first investment
Bioboxx an inneon success story

INNEON has successfully supported its first innovative SME in gaining equity investment. Following intensive coaching under INNEON, Dutch company Bioboxx  has... Read More


INNEON’s Award for Best Investment in a Business in Eco Innovation Award

Are you or someone you know disrupting eco innovation?

INNEON are teaming up with the UK Business Angels Association and seeking out the most innovative eco innovation... Read More